Cleats for Kenya!

Cleats for Kenya!

The Recreation Ministry Department of First Presbyterian Church and Oak Hill School’s  Service Learning Board are collaborating on a Soccer Cleat Drive for a team in Malindi, Kenya!

We learned about this need from Keith Holloway, a missionary with Church Missions Network based in Malindi, Kenya in East Africa. Keith grew up in nearby Gallatin, Tennessee and has been in Kenya since 2014. His family (wife Erin, children- Cooper & Graham) uses a passion of sports to further Jesus’ name among the majority Muslim youth in their area as part of their ministry. Keith coaches a team named Kiganjo, that plays in a beach soccer league. They would love to play in a grass league but do not have the required equipment to play in the league- shin guards and cleats.

If this team were to be given these items, they could participate in other leagues. Football in Malindi! Soccer not only provides exercise for the young men, but also keeps them invested and involved in a positive activity. Drug activity is high in Malindi and extracurricular activities are few.

The team not only gives the young men something to do with their time, but they are learning teamwork, self-worth, and leadership skills through our time together. Through the practices and games, our family has had the opportunity to get to know the young men and pour into their lives. It is our hope that in building relationships with the young men on the soccer team, we hope to share the love and message of Christ.

Upon connecting about a tangible need for this team, the OHS Service Learning Board agreed to help begin a month long Soccer Equipment Drive during the month of November. FPC Recreation and OHS will accept new and used soccer equipment to send to Keith and his Kiganjo team throughout October & November. Drop off points for these cleats can be found in front of the Recreation Department and by the Hospitality Center of FPC. For more information about specific cleat needs please connect with Recreation Ministry Director Bryan Miller at

The team needs cleats size 8 through 10.5. We hope to have 15-25 cleats that meet their specific needs. We will accept and new or used cleats and for every 5 cleats that we receive FPC Recreation will ensure that a new pair in the needed range is purchased!


Thank you again for your encouragement and assistance for the cleat drive. These cleats are more than just shoes for the young men here. They are truly a symbol of Christ’s love and an opportunity to share the gospel in a place in need of encouragement.

Oak Hill School is looking to “Draw the Circle Wide” this year and the Service Learning Board is excited to be involved in expanding the circle all the way to Kenya through simple acts of giving and repurposing soccer equipment. The Saturday soccer city of FPC Recreation Sports brings life to our church community and we look to add life and excitement to the Kiganjo boys community in Kenya as we shine Christ’s light and life through connection to a simple game. It’s our prayer that with the equipment we send- so too Christ and his love is more fully known to the Kiganjo boys.

MUNGU with Us– God with us in Swahili- Is an opportunity to tangibly show Christ’s love to a group of boys halfway across the world.

Will you join with us!?

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