Children Enrichment

Fall 2013 Enrichment Classes

Fall Enrichments begin September 3 and end December 19. The class meeting days and times vary; one lesson per week. We offer piano, guitar, and drum lessons with Kenny Kidd. Online registration is available and recommended. Register by September 22 for the full 12 lessons. Later registrations will be added per the instructor’s discretion. 

Piano, Guitar, Drums

Dates: September 3 – December 19, 2013 No classes the week of November 25, 2013
Time: Monday-Thursday beginning at 3:00
Classes are 30 minutes and are scheduled directly with the instructor
Ages K – 6th grade
Cost: $450 for 12 lessons
Location: Enrichment Center
Instructor: Kenny Kidd
Piano, Guitar, Drums Online Registration
2013 Enrichment Registration Form

Guitar, Bass guitar and drums for Beginners – Age 5 to 6th grade

Students learn basic skills of reading, rhythm and theory to play music they love. Students will learn popular songs and songs in the styles of their favorite music.

Piano Lessons for beginner to intermediate students – Age 5 to 6th grade

Students will learn basic skills of reading, rhythm and theory in order to perform basic songs and sight read.

Beginning “Live Performance workshop” for Pop & Rock Guitar, Bass and Drums for Beginners – Level 1: Age 6 to 6th grade

Students learn the basics to perform songs with others in a fun encouraging environment where they learn new weekly songs . All students will learn the basics to practice to be able to play intermediate to advanced music they love and move onto live performance workshop level 2.

Beginning-Intermediate “Live Performance workshop” for Pop & Rock Guitar, Bass and Drums – Level 2: Age 7 to 6th grade

Students need to have least 3-5 months private lessons to be ready to learn and perform weekly new songs with others. Students learn basic skills to perform live with other musicians and create your own band. Theory, rhythm, listening, creative experimentation and communication skills. Students will play and begin to write songs like their favorite musicians, and learn how to play in and lead a band of musicians. Class size limited to 7 people.