Oak Hill Day Camp FAQs

What age can my child begin attending Oak Hill Day Camp?
Oak Hill Day Camp accepts children beginning at age 4 up to rising 8th graders. Children must be 4 years old by May 1, 2018.

Does Oak Hill Day Camp offer specialized camps?
Oak Hill Day Camp offers four specialty camp programs:

  • Soccer and Basketball Camps: For children who want to improve their technique in basketball or soccer, we offer a week-long sports camp. These campers will spend the first half of their day working with local coaches and college players to gain new skills and build upon the skills they already have, then spend the second half of the camp day enjoying traditional Oak Hill Day Camp activities. Our Basketball Camp director this year will be Gary Waller.
  • Theatre Camp: For children with a passion for the performing arts, we offer a two-week Theatre Camp. Children enrolled in our theatre camp will all perform on stage as part of this year’s production, which is still being determined. Our Theatre Camp director this year is Anighya H.D. Crocker. There will be auditions held for speaking roles.
  • Horse Camp: Finally, for children who have a love of all things equestrian, we offer a Horse Camp each Friday. Horse camp is open to all children beginning with rising third graders regardless of whether they are enrolled in Oak Hill Day Camp. These campers will spend the day learning about basic horsemanship skills and horseback riding. The camp is led by our barn director, Curt Stacy.

What are Oak Hill Day Camp’s hours?
At Oak Hill Day Camp, we realize that we need help meet the needs of all of our parents. Our camp hours starting in 2018 are from 9 – 3 or 5 P.M. You are able to drop off your child(ren) as early as 7:30 A.M. free of charge. For parents who still prefer a shorter camp day, we will offer a 3:00 P.M. pick-up option. For parents that need a full day of camp, we have now extended camp until 5:00 P.M. (with a thirty minute pick-up window allowing for more flexibility). This change is to help meet the needs of our working parents.

What happens during the added camp hours (from 3-5:00 P.M.)?
Our new added camp hours are not an aftercare program. These are two additional hours of structured camp activities as part of our daily schedule. Due to the fact that our staff will be working ten hour days in extreme conditions, we ask that you respect our 5:30 P.M. end time. Those who do not pick up their child by 5:30 P.M. will be expected to pay $2/minute.

What happened to Little Camp?
Our Little Camp program has been a long-standing part of Oak Hill Day Camp, and we have not eliminated our programming for children falling into that age range. Little Camp has been incorporated into Oak Hill Day Camp, as we have increasingly seen more and more Little Campers staying until 3 P.M. or later. As a result of this shift, we felt it made the most sense to bring Little Camp into Oak Hill Day Camp to give these children more hours of structured camp activities each day. These campers will now enjoy the full camp day until 5 P.M. (unless you choose to pick them up at 3 P.M.).

Will campers nap during camp hours?
We will not be providing a nap time for during the camp day.

Do campers have to be potty trained?
All campers must be fully potty trained

Does Oak Hill Day Camp accept campers with special needs?
Yes! While spots are limited, we do accept campers with special needs. Typically these campers are paired with an individual counselor who assists them in traveling with and participating in activities with their group. However, we typically do not accept children with special needs into our Middle School Camp. The activities that campers are involved in at this age can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Finding yourself in a dark cave or on a high ropes course can be a trying experience for anyone, even our staff! For this reason, children with special needs who are interested in Middle School Camp will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Spots are limited so this will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Does Oak Hill Day Camp provide financial assistance?
Yes! Oak Hill Day Camp has a variety of scholarship funds which have been set up to provide help for campers who cannot afford the full registration fee. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Scholarships will be “family maxed” when 3 scholarships have been awarded per family.

Does Oak Hill Day Camp still host Thursday night performances?
Oak Hill Day Camp is always looking for ways to improve campers overall experience. For a variety of reasons, we have observed low attendance to our Thursday night performances. For this reason, we have decided it was no longer the best way to incorporate the performing arts into our camp programming. We are adding new activities and programming like Morning Devotional that is beginning summer 2018!

What is the Morning Devotional?
Beginning in summer 2017, we will host all-camp devotional each morning after pick-up. Each morning, groups will perform a lesson or skit for the entire camp that they have prepared the day prior. This will give more children the opportunity to be involved and perform for their peers and any parents that choose to stay.

Who makes up the staff of Oak Hill Day Camp?
Most of our counselors are age 18 or older with a small number of junior counselors, age 16-17. Many in schools or other childcare settings throughout the year and all are passionate about giving children an incredible summer camp experience. We require all counselors to go through a counselor training and a background check each year. All of our counselors are cross-trained to be able to lead in one of the following areas: lifeguard, archery instructor, low ropes instructor, horseback assistant, or outdoors/games instructor. Most of our staff are CPR/First Aid certified. Each of our camper groups will have at least one counselor with CPR/First Aid certification.

Does Oak Hill Day Camp offer a Counselor-in-Training program?
We do offer a Counselor-in-Training (or CIT) program each summer. The CIT program is intended for children who fall in the age gap between where camp ends and working as a junior counselor begins. Children who are interested in working as a counselor in the future are invited to come get a taste of what it takes to make camp happen each day. CITs will be assigned to a group, where they will spend the day traveling with and assisting and helping the counselors. CITs are never left alone with a camper, but rather serve as aids to the counselors and participating in activities with the group. While the CIT position is a volunteer, unpaid position, it is expected that those wanting to participate understand they are accepting an important work position.